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We were born in the 80's and grew up at the turn of the century. This shaped us both privately and professionally, maybe that's why we named our first company "1989" and yet another "Transformation" :)

We've been designing since 2002, when we were still students and thanks to this circumstance we quite quickly realised that in architecture, apart from creativity, the key issue is timing and, consequently, organisation of time and work.

In 2005 we made our first retail projects. It was then that we became fascinated by the world of brands, its openness to the user as well as the scale and dynamics of the design and execution processes. Since then, commercial projects have become a permanent fixture in our portfolio.

In 2012 we opened our first company, 1989 sp. z o.o., which is still operating today, with a qualified team of architects, consultants and contractors. It specialises in interior design of shops, restaurants, offices, flats, furniture and casework design and mechanical ventilation equipment (patent). 

In 2017, we established Konarski Tasarz sp. z o.o. spolka komandytowa, which serves our regular chain clients.




Are you interested in creating a unique concept, preparing technical documentation for administrative or construction purposes, or maybe you need help at the decision-making stage?

You will probably also need a contractor and supervision over the implementation? 

If you operate a retail chain or are an entrepreneur, you may be interested in implementing a standard, or maybe you want to create your own?

Are you not comfortable with building a model shop? Of course, it is understandable, it is an expensive and time-consuming solution. We have VR and we will not hesitate to use it ;)


"We don't sell projects, we create spaces for people"


It is difficult to say who and when this statement was first used in our studio, but it certainly perfectly illustrates our starting point for this type of project. 

Tailor-made architecture, versatile and timeless enough to create a stage for life without taking centre stage. 


For our commercial clients we create workshop documentation using BIM software. We create virtual 1:1 models so that we have full control over the model, drawings and their revisions. This reduces errors and improves communication between all parties in the design process.


Does sick building syndrome mean anything to you?

Or maybe you experience fatigue, heaviness, headaches and allergies while staying indoors, but these symptoms disappear when you leave? Perhaps the cause lies in ventilation or its complete lack (we have also encountered such buildings) or in smog. 

Contact us, so we can diagnose what the problem is and propose an appropriate solution.



Konarski Tasarz sp. z o.o. spolka komandytowa NIP: PL9452232759

ul. Starego Debu 16/10, 31-355 Krakow, Poland

(+48) 534 198 900

Kamil Konarski Anna Tasarz